An artist’s impression of the proposed REMONDIS Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct

Project Overview

REMONDIS is seeking to deliver for Queenslanders a new $400 million Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct at Swanbank that will reduce both landfill and odour, plus deliver more skilled jobs for Ipswich residents.

The state-of-the-art Precinct will implement the most advanced and proven European clean energy technology at the existing Swanbank site, replicating facilities that are successfully operating in built-up urban areas in places like Paris, Copenhagen and Vienna.

The Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct will also generate about 200 construction jobs and up to 70 secure local jobs for Ipswich residents once operational.

It will process up to 500,000 tonnes of waste per year which is currently sent direct to landfill and cannot be reused or recycled. The facility will produce up to 50MW of baseload clean electricity, enough to power up to 50,000 average Queensland homes.

The Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct will include advanced recycling facilities that will maximise resource recovery rates, including composting organic wastes and recovering recyclable material from ‘red top’ municipal solid waste bins.

Through this integrated approach, REMONDIS will be making a major contribution towards maximising recycling and minimising future landfill, which helps achieve the objectives of the Queensland Government’s Waste Management and Resource Strategy.

The Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct will be a first of its kind on Australia’s East Coast, showcasing Queensland as a clean energy leader through world-class technology.


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